Why another blog? I want a place to share my sadness and triumphs. I need a place to share my frustration, anger and tears. I also need a place to celebrate me, when I do good. My family blog is about my family. This blog is for my "Daily Stresses".

April 20, 2012


What a week!  Busy with work, home, kids, chores, weeding...and on and on and on.  However, the weekend is HERE!!!

I got some great news this week.  A business venture that has been in the works for a few months was approved.  So we get to move forward, and get ready to change our lives!  I will soon have additional responsibilities, and Brandon? A whole new career!!!  So exciting!

As for the weight loss, I am down another few pounds.  A total of 11 lost on the new product I am using.  I saw the doctor yesterday, and am down 15 since Feb.  GO ME!!!  But, I am still looking into other products.  The one I am using is fine, but I'm not in love.  A friend is talking to me about another line, and I think I am going to try that one once this current one runs out.  It sounds like the taste is better, and maybe something I can do more long term.  Both product lines are intended for increased health, promoting weight loss.  So, I am hoping to continue to feel good while I am loosing, and increase my health.  Too many times I have lost weight, but not made a difference in my life.  And the weight comes back. 

I know that 15 pounds is not a ton, especially in 3 months.  I have a LOT more to loose.  But I am feeling good about it.  I have been working hard to get it off,  changing my eating and having to exercise.  So hopefully this time it will stick.  No more up and down.  Super exciting~~~ I am wearing some Capri's that have not fit for a couple of years.  I am pretty sure I will have to go shopping soon!!!!

April 16, 2012


I have a love-hate relationship with Monday's. The weekend is over, which usually sucks. But, I get to send the kids back to school, and have structure back in my routine, which I NEED! And I get to work again, and I am very blessed to have a job I LoVe!!!

So, on to the weight loss. I am down another 3 pounds. I went to the gym 3 times last week! Amazing Me!!! I am a bit disappointed, which is silly. I had a couple of days that I ate a lot, not unhealthy, just a lot. So, the new week beginning is a good thing. There is no staff meeting at Texas Roadhouse. There is no family home evening with dessert (thanks Catrina and Mom).

I plan on going to the gym this afternoon, and Wednesday while the kids tumble. And either Friday or Saturday. Another 3 times this week??? WOW, I am AmAzInG!!!!!

Thanks for the emails and texts! It really does help!

April 12, 2012

This is the YEAR

Day 1 (sort of)
Like so many people in the world, I am trying to get healthier. The biggest challenge to tackle is my weight. I have put on a whole other self since I got married 14 years ago!!! (Happy Anniversary BTW, Bran!!) I have done okay this year, and am down about 15 pounds.

I have given up caffeine. HARDEST. THING. TO. QUIT!!!!! But I did it! I do have an occasional diet sprite to spike my crystal lite. But, feeling pretty good about that!

I have gone to the gym twice this week. That doubles my visits for the year!! ha ha. But, I feel good, and my body has that good-sore I've-been-working-out achy-ness.

I tell you this, to help me be accountable. That is something I am not, with regard to my eating and weight. Any comment feels critical, even if it is meant as helpful! So, I have to put myself out there...and report back.

I started something new a couple of weeks ago, and had good success. I needed to see if I was really ready to commit, and I am, so today I started again! I was down 7 pounds from the sample I did, so with day one being today I am really ahead of the game!